We have participated at the DIS 2020 Conference which had the topic “More than human centred design”. In the workshop “Research Through Design in Situ: Discussing the Domains and Impact of Design Research” we presented the theoretical framework of ‘Reconfiguring Artefacts’.

With the title “This is a design imaginary” the extended abstract sought to provoke a discussion on the research foundations of design. It was a lively debate and we enjoyed the exchange.


I propose to research design as the object of research. We may as well start with researching ourselves, the designers and our practices, as we acknowledge that methods and research objects constitute each other, just as material worlds and our imaginations reconfigure each other. I draw on 15 years of design practice to argue that the thorny issues of the world can be tackled by a design (research) that is an epistemological device, sensitive to itself changing in practice alongside the issues it is tackling.

Read the extended abstract: This is a design imaginary – DIS Extended abstract