Crafting a prototype is always a complex, time consuming work and you can use hours of figuring out every little detail and possibility of its use. But at some point, the prototype needs to be tested and all if a sudden the customer requirements have changed, far less budget than calculated is available or the test persons are just not happy with the prototype. What now?

The solution is “reload and reset”. Adapt major changes to a concept, business model or design often requires a bigger step than adding some features to your current prototype.  Restart your hole prototyping process can be far more effective to create in an innovative way and there will be a huge difference at the second start.

This time you got a great advantage starting a prototype, you already have gained some data through your first prototype which can be implemented in the second draft. Your first idea failed, but you can take a lot of learnings from it to improve the second prototype and rethink your ideas with the feedback you got from the early testers. Through this process you are able do create a new concept which includes the ideas from your customers, to create more accurate solutions for their problems.