We have worked on projects relating to architecture of workspaces in our university in the past, making the topic one we were already quite familiar with. Quickly we felt that we might even have analysed most aspects of it previously and found ourselves digging for new perspectives. In the beginning of this MxD Studio we definitely had some difficulty figuring out what the final outcome should look like, which made and finding the “right” approach for the project somewhat challenging. 

Once we as a group did agree on an outline, our plan was disrupted by having to change our concept from the premises of the NDU to home offices to adapt to the unique situation everyone was suddenly thrown into. After some intense brainstorming on our part, we found our focus again and got excited to get input from fellow home office practicing students through interviews and we enjoyed sharing the outcomes and build prototypes from them. 

While we felt that the communication between the different groups in our class and the professors was not optimal and slight frustration was definitely present, our own group always worked more or less flawlessly together. We found common ground in our different ideas and worked problems out quickly. When one of couldn’t be present during a Studio, the others took over without discussion and we made time for calls to catch up on our progress. We realized just how well the four of us worked together once we were working with another group, which took a lot more effort and time. After a long discussion we did find a way to combine our groups’ main objectives into a prototype, which proved to be successful in the end. 

The last step of this course, getting every group (and every individual) to agree on a final definition of the “MxD Method” and a fitting presentation might have been the most challenging yet. It might have been the months of home office that made the whole process seem somewhat frustrating and like we lost the elements of flexibility and interaction how we knew them, but we are glad to report that me made it to the end of the Studio with an outcome that everybody took part in achieving.