During our last lecture we decided on the topic of architecture. In the beginning started with an observation of the the architecture at our university, the New Design University. We could see that the classrooms are basically well designed. Unfortunately both the tables and the windows are not practical. The tables cannot be moved easily because they are very heavy. The windows can only be opened a small gap because of the fall protection. This prevents fresh air from flowing through the rooms. Furthermore, the lamps in the rooms are particularly clinical. This makes long concentration difficult. In addition, the possibility to move the tables and chairs individually within the room makes it difficult to move all the chairs and tables back to their previous place due to regulations after the end of the lecture. We might also find that there are very few comfortable seating areas that encourage people to exchange ideas and spend some free time there. Apart from the “open-plan studio”, which is more reserved for creative studies, there are hardly any good rooms for spending the break or group work, except for the “Blaha Lounge”. Basically, the university is well planned, but the potential is not yet well enough exploited to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. 

We have already developed some ideas that can be integrated into the university’s existing architecture:

Bar tables could be provided for team work to counteract the daily sitting. We would also make special lampshades that would make the clinical light in the rooms look a little more friendly. Sliding tables are also a next step to improve the rooms. This would encourage more to make classrooms interactive. In addition, several small groups of seats should be created with possibly more plants, upholstery, carpets, to allow individual learning and comfortable sitting together. In addition, we would consider to implement a concept, in which we would like create fixed room plans for 4 rooms each. For example 4 rooms with tables placed in an U, in the other section, 4 rooms  with bartables.