The movement starts:


Working together on one project but separated by a huge ocean. Many companies have to face this problem everyday. Maybe you are a freelancer working on Bali for a company in America. Or you are a student whose brain is fried, working over a prototype with your colleagues. But what happens if, triggered by a crisis, a war or maybe just because of a cough, we are not able to go to work? How can we still finish our team-based-projects and help to keep the economy stable? And how can we provide everyone with their relevant data and share our thoughts in real time just like in the office and let no creativity pass away?


The Setup:


When you think about creativity, what is important for you? If you compare your thoughts, you will see that everyone will need something else. The situation and the project you are assigned to will tell you in what kind of environment you can work the best. Of course we can say, working in a natural light will help you to stay focused and so on, but what works best for you might not work as well for your colleagues. Think about your experience. When have you felt creative the last time? Where was it? In which surrounding was it? Have you been listening to music? All those questions will help you to set up your perfect creative space(es). 


Bye Bye, Mr. Lasercutter-Guy


Now if you found your “Magic Place”, we need to think about the question: “How can I work on that prototype without being where the magic happens? At first, when you think like this, read the first paragraph again. The magic happens where you are! So grab your colleagues into a skype-call and start to plan how this could work out. 

Don´t set roles (e.g: documentation) for the whole project, just for the tasks need to be done today or the next, near deadline. Today you feel like you are not in a good mood for writing everything down? That’s okay, Mike or Sarah don’t have a problem with this task today. And so you don’t have to do what you thought will be a good idea one week ago. 

Maybe you will see that the things people do at work will change. The Lasercutter-Guy is not able to make precise cuttings through almost every material anymore, but starting to take part when a meeting is due. That’s because we are all limited to the things we have at home or that are easy to get. No Lasercutter, no need for Lasercutter-Guy.


Use local and simple materials


Limited by the things you have at home will make it hard to build a prototype and share it with your colleagues. Work with the things you have at home. Do you have kids? Take their Lego to build on your ideas (also ask your kid about ideas and solutions – children are big dreamers!) Think about how you could use material in different ways. You don’t have a drawing circle-pen but need to draw a perfect circle? Use a normal pen, a small piece of rope and you are done. Rebuild it with what you have. After building comes the sharing-part and we face another major problem. How to get the prototypes to the colleagues? How can they review on the prototype? Therefore it is possible to use a 3D Scanner. A 3D – Scan Application will use your mobile camera to create an original sized model. You can now share it easily and also set colours to the prototype and make it moveable in a digital way. If you want to work offline, there are people in the streets selling “Prototype @Home-Kits”. Those Kits provide you with different materials a manuals about how to build and think in prototypes.