Dear Readers,

we would like to explain some challenges to you. The goal of our research team is to examine a few challenges that may affect you as well. For some of you, it may be uncharted territory and only became relevant through Covid-19.
Currently, several million people are being asked to stay at home and only leave the house for necessities. For many people this is a new challenge: WFH (working from home). For most of the people, at least in Austria this is a totally new situation

How do people manage to communicate effectively and make joint decisions even if they are not physically and temporally in the same place?

Some problems that arise through virtual communication:
– Knowledge gap of important information
– making decisions in teams
– technical hitches
– lack of working platform
– Keeping track of progress
– collaborative works

In order to better understand these problems, we conduct several interviews. For the selection of the interview partners we have chosen different categories to get a wide range of insights.

For this purpose, we have established six categories that make sense for us to examine more closely in the context of remote work.

1. state of the art: the goal of the interviews in this section is to become an understanding of the common used tools and practices companies use.
2. future technology: we try to collect different ideas for the future.
3. trend research: what innovative tools are available to conduct trend research efficiently?
4. team culture: we want to learn as much as possible about teamwork and team spirit.
5. empathy phase: is there already a way to implement the Empathy Phase in a digital framework?
6. events / concert / sport: marketing and advertising is a big aspect, how are new ideas communicated?Are there any tools that can help the imagination?

The companies of the first category help us to gain an understanding of the state of the art.
What are the tools and processes companies use now? What difficulties do they face?

Now we want to give you a little insight into the challenges we are facing.

We try to communicate with each other remotely as efficiently as possible. We have different platforms on which we are in contact with each other. On the one hand, we have a WhatsApp group where we make time arrangements. When we have an online meeting, we use Skype.The task definition for our project is on MicrosoftTeams. The work results are again uploaded separately on a new page.

Could this lead to confusion? Could this work process also be more compact? How can we most effectively work together remotely?

To close this blogpost I will tell you a little story. How do you think we decided who of our group will write the first blog post? …
… We did it old-school, we wrote our 4 names on 4 little pieces of paper, folded them and then randomly selected them.

How and where can important information be recorded for those who are not present? Maybe you have some innovative ideas.
#weareallinthistogether #wfh

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!