Interviews serve to understand a person’s wishes and needs through bilateral discussions. Therefore we conducted a guideline-based interview with a total of 6 people to find out which parameters are particularly important to them in their everyday home learning. The questions were created during a team call, in which we defined the central question schemes and then formulated concrete questions from these. During the interviews it was especially important for us to find out which architectural environment creates a good working atmosphere and which indicators are important for long-term concentrated work. 

In the course of the interviews we were able to obtain some interesting results. Especially important was your respondent sufficient light, an orderly workplace and peace and quiet. In addition, the telephone was identified as a disturbing factor which should be placed at a far away place. Furthermore the observance of regular breaks was also discussed. 

Basically, it was found that home learning or home office is perceived as positive, but that social contact with friends and colleagues is clearly missing.