MxD is not a method to follow strictly, it is based on different inputs and interpretations. Every participant has unique values in his/her style, his/her way to do things and his/her own ways to think. These characteristics of the designers create the possibilities of the product.

The MxD method shows some material to work with and provides a certain way to approach problems, but not how to solve these problems, that is on the group of designers. This fact indicates, that for similar tasks, the outcome would be different every time, if you change the team or even just some team members. The team members choose and bring the materials that turns the general ideas to possibilities. And with every conversation in this group of designers, possibilities change, because of the diversity of the team. But MxD is more than being creative and process ideas within a group of designers.

What differentiates Management by Design from Design is the main purpose to create value. Turn ideas into design or products is very important, but turn ideas into value is the MxD goal. MxD creates a vision to follow, with an economical background and innovative ideas.